Recipe Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries

Today I introduce a classic French dessert to you, which is called Far Breton. Have you ever heard about it? I think I provide you with a brief explanation.

What is a Far Breton?

If you ask me what exactly a far is, I have to answer that a Far Breton is something between a Crêpe and a cake. Now a Far Breton is as far as the dough’s consistency is concerned very close to a Crêpe, but it is baked in the oven. Interestingly enough it can be served as a breakfast, a complete lunch as well as a warm dessert or a cold cake with coffee.

So you see it is like the French say “Comme vous voulez” that is to say do it the way you like it. That is what I like about it.

The original Far Breton is a so-called “Far Breton aux Pruneaux”, which means that it is filled with prunes. Usually the prunes are rum-soaked before the far is baked.

Far Breton with Cranberries and Apricots

In the meantime you can find a lot of varieties of this delicious French delicacy. As I’m very fond of dried apricots and cranberries, I fill my Far Breton with dried apricots and cranberries, which are soaked in orange juice, so that I can serve it to my kids as well as to adults.

You can bake the Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries in any baking dish that is available to you. I once baked it like a heart for my husband as a surprise for Valentine’s Day – just to give you an idea.

Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries

My family likes this French dessert very much. I hope you like the recipe, Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries, too. Enjoy baking this delicate French specialty!

This recipe is also available in German. Just click here.

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Recipe Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries
  1. Put the dried apricots and the dried cranberries into a bowl and cover them with the orange juice. Let them soak for about an hour.
  2. After an hour allow them to drip off on a sieve. I use the intercepted juice to prepare for example a junket.
  3. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (360 degrees Fahrenheit) upper and lower heat.
  4. Put a sheet of baking paper into your cake pan.
  1. In a bowl beat the eggs, add the sugar, and the pinch of salt.
  2. Beat this mixture until it is fluffy.
  3. Mix the whipped cream with the milk.
  4. Alternating tablespoon by tablespoon add the flour and the mixture of whipped cream and milk to your fluffy egg, salt and sugar mixture. Beat well, until the dough is smooth and fluid. No worries the dough is really fluid, but that's its characteristic.
  5. Add the apricots and the cranberries to the dough and gently fold them in.
  6. Fill the dough into your cake pan and bake in the middle of the oven for 35 minutes to 45 minutes (approximately, depending on your oven). The Far should be golden brown, before it is removed from the oven.
  7. Allow the Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries to cool a bit, before removing it from your cake pan.
  8. Dust your Far with powdered sugar to taste and enjoy it.
  9. Bon Appétit!
Recipe Notes

Please do not be surprised about the dough. It is really a "running dough". That is its characteristic.

Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries
Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries