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Dear reader thank you for stopping by deliciouslygabi.com. Please make yourself comfortable, maybe with a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy it here, and discover my recipes.

Who is deliciouslygabi.com?

It’s me.

Gabi and Whoopie

My name is Gabriele Altpeter, but I prefer to be called Gabi. I’m married and I live with my husband and my two sons in Braunschweig, which is in Germany. As you can see on the photo we have a dog. She is called Whoopie and she is of course part of our family, too. We are all very fond of her.

Career progression

After I have passed my A level, which is in Germany the demanded qualification for university entrance, I studied lectureship and finally graduated at the Carolo Wilhelmina University in my hometown Braunschweig.

I’m no professional cook and I did not have any professional training on baking either, but I learned my first steps about cooking and baking from my mother. I learned from her how important it is to prepare meals, cookies, cakes, or desserts with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Later I read a lot about it and whenever I was unsure why a certain recipe did not work the way I cooked or baked it I tried to find out the reasons and over the years I gained a lot of experience that I like to share with you.


Amongst cooking I’m interested in reading and in sports (running, badminton, and table tennis just to mention some). I also love to listen to good music.


I have already been running for several years a German cooking blog, wich is called kochfokus.de


When I started to publish my first recipes on my German food blog in 2013, it would never have occurred to me that I would publish a book one day, but in December 2014 I did.

It is called

cover-front homemade German Plätzchen

„Homemade German Plätzchen And Other Christmas Cookies“ You can buy it here somepublisher.com/book/homemade-german-plaetzchen-and-other-christmas-cookies/





Augen auf


In the meantime I have published a second one which is about some bad experience I made when I bought my kitchen. It is written in German and is called „Augen auf beim Küchenkauf: Ein Erfahrungsbericht“. It is available on amazon.de 





If you have got any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Kind greetings