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Simply The best Pizza Muffins

These pizza muffins are really incredibly easy to make. They are a success at DVD nights, kids parties, or family occasions. They can even be great for school lunches. Check it out!

Coconut Cookies With Sour Cherries

There is nothing more disappointing tan an empty cookie box. Fortunately you can easily solve this problem by baking these incredibly tasty Coconut Cookies With Sour Cherries

Homemade Low Carb Bread

Planning a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’ll have to resist bread for the rest of your life. My Homemade Low Carb Bread is a perfect alternative to bread

Cherry Muffins with Vanilla Pudding

The Cherry Muffins with Vanilla Pudding are elaborated in their preparation, but you will be rewarded int the end with these delicious and eye-catching muffins.

Easy Homemade Mediterranean Relish

With the Easy Homemade Mediterranean Relish you save a bit of summer. It is always good for the mood to open a jar of it on a grey and rainy November day and to simply enjoy it.

Recipe Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries

The Far Breton with Apricots and Cranberries is a French dessert that can be served as complete lunch as well as a warm dessert or a cold cake with coffee. You can serve it “Comme vous voulez”.

Simply irresistible small cheese biscuits

The simply irresistible small cheese biscuits are a perfect snack as well as an appetizer, which you offer to your guests with an aperitif or with the kitchen wine. The only problem is that your guests won’t be able to stop eating these small cheese biscuits.