Super delicious chocolate-dipped dried fruits

Today I have a quick and easy to make snack recipe for you. I don’t know, if like chocolate or not. I personally love it and I love fruits, too. In other words this snack is a perfect combination for me :relaxed:.

If fresh fruits are available, you can of course use them to prepare this sweet and though healthy snack. Whether fresh or dried, this is a simple but very delicious way of creating a super delicious and fabulous fruity snack to eat between meals. Furthermore this is a very good way to fuel your body with vitamins and additionally with minerals.

Now the days start getting more and more grey, which is very typical for fall here. I heard that good mood food can help us to fight autumn blues. I think this is worth to give it a try.

As here fresh apricots are not always available in fall or winter I have always dried fruits and especially dried apricots in my kitchen. For your chocolate-dipped dried fruits you can use your favourite fruits. I use apricots, figs, and apple rings.

Are you in for the super delicious chocolate-dipped dried fruits?

One last remark before I start baking,  this recipe is also available in German. Just click here.

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Healthy Snack Chocolate-Dipped Dried Fruits
  1. Put the sliced almonds into a pan and roast them at medium heat without using any fat. Set them aside as soon as they start to brown.
  2. Put the almonds, the shredded coconut, and the pistachios on plates.
  3. Chop the dark couverture chocolate into small pieces and put these into a boiling pan.
  4. Add the coconut oil and melt the couverture over low heat and stir until it is melted.
  5. Set the melted couverture aside and dipp the fruits into it and immediately toss the fruits in your almonds, shredded coconut or pistachios.
  6. Enjoy your snack!