Healthy Frozen Yoghurt Pralinés

I don’t know how you feel about summer, but I love the summertime. Even the days when it is really hot like today with about 90 Fahrenheit. I simply can stand the heat and to be honest it is always a good reason to treat yourself with a nice ice cream or simply to spend some time in our swimming pool. How do you cool down in summer?

Well we should of course not forget to drink enough water and to relax a bit when it is really hot.

Another good way to get some refreshment every nowand then is to enjoy a frozen yoghurt. It is really so easy to prepare it and it is much healthier than eating ice cream. In this recipe I present some healthy frozen yoghurt pralinés which are on the one hand a perfect snack for yourself, but they can on the other hand be a spectecular highlight of a summer night party as well. They taste very well, they refresh very well, and they look very delicious. Above all you can surprise your guests with them, if you don not tell them that they are frozen yoghurt pralinés.

If you don’t like for example oranges or an orange is simply not available feel free to substitude lemon juice for the orange juice. Maybe you don’t like blueberries, the simply substitude the your favorite fruits for the blueberries.

Could I make you curious of these adorable Healthy Frozen Yoghurt Pralinés? Are you in the mood for this healthy and refreshing goodie?

Well then have a look at the really easy way to prepare them.

Enjoy this healthy refreshment!

Ingredients Healthy Frozen Yoghurt Pralinés
Ingredients Healthy Frozen Yoghurt Pralinés

Incidentally this recipe is also available in German. Just click here.


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Healthy Frozen Yoghurt Pralin´
  1. Halve the orange and squeeze the juice from one half and set aside for a moment.
  2. Put the yoghurt into a bowl.
  3. Add the honey and two tablespoons of the orange juice. Tip: Use the left over of the orange juice to make orange juice ice cubes.
  4. Simply mix the ingredients well.
  5. Then fill the mixture into a Silicone Mold for Chocolate, add a blueberry into each mold, and freeze it.
  6. Finally take the Frozen Pralinés out of the Silicone Mold for Chocolate and garnish each with a blueberry.
  7. Enjoy it!